Allow me Chorus to this history...

In ancient times, a GUI toolkit named Swing was crafted to outshine all its predecessors, as it was a child of Sun. However, in its infancy, like every child, Swing did crawl slowly on all fours, and few believed in it's promised future strenght.

To make things worse - Swing's father Java, king and notorious philanderer hits the scene of our drama, and spawns another child: SWT, unlike his half-brother Swing, is born with native speed and beauty, sometimes compared with his half-sister AWT.

Bitter sadness took hold of Sun as her only son and heir's bright future was eclipsed by the - in her eyes - illegitimate child.

Many wars were fought over the question of the righteous successor of GUI shire. As a result, the kingdom grew weak, it's noblemen in constant quarrel and it's borders unguarded, when hostile neighbours came to pillage.

Today, as we speak, EOS brings a new "dawn" to end this war and unite the fallen out half-brothers in friendship.

Follow us and together we provide a happy ending to this story as only celluloid can deliver.

Heidelberg, Mai 2006
Dieter Krachtus