EOS ::: Eclipse on Swing

Read our new article introducing SWTSwing/EOS (page 5-12).

Try our simple yet powerful technology teaser using WebStart: A former SWT Paint Application transformed into 100% Swing without any code changes!

How to install EOS?

  • Download Eclipse 3.2 for your OS and extract it. Notice that that a plugin folder was extracted among other files.
  • Download EOS and extract it. Copy the contents of its plugin folder into the plugin folder of your Eclipse installation.
  • Start Eclipse. If EOS is not active already you have to explicitly activate it via: Windows > Preferences > EOS and then restart Eclipse.

EOS requires Eclipse3.2, Java1.4+ and theoretically should run on all platforms supporting Swing:

  • Windows 9.x, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista (32bit/64 bit)
  • MacOSX 10.x (32bit/64 bit ***)
  • Unix/Linux
  • Solaris ***
  • OS/2 ***
  • your favorite OS here***

*** to our knowledge these platforms are not supported by native SWT yet and possible won't be ever.

Obviously I cannot test EOS for all of these platforms. Please send me some feedback (dieter.krachtus[at]googlemail[dot]com).

Heidelberg, 22th August 2007
Dieter Krachtus

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The EOS-Project is named after Eos, the greek goddess of dawn. If you are familiar with greek mythology, you probably can guess why.

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